I believe in making relevant and functional solutions that last. Design is the tool I use to get there.

Kasper Salto


Designing a classic 

For three season’s running, I’ve had the honour of being one of two judges in the Danish television series, Denmark Next Classic. The premise for this programme is fairly simple but tough: Five designers get three weeks to develop a piece of furniture, to a specific brief. Each programme focuses on a specific category – ‘chair’,…

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Teglgaard chair

As part of a new collaboration with FDB Furniture, Salto & Sigsgaard has designed a new chair for outdoor use. Thanks to its stainless steel construction, the Teglgaard chair is light weight and easy to move around in the garden, even when stacked. Its a strong chair with tightly woven cords, that creates a firm…

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Upgrades to Pluralis

As its name suggests, the Pluralis table lends itself to many functions and spaces. It can be used as a desk, a meeting table, a shared work bench and even a dining table.  In the recent upgrade, a new middle leg has been added to strengthen the trestle-inspired structure. This allows the table to be…

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As a designer, I aim to create products that are:



that make life easier or better for people, and help them to connect.



that solve a real problem or meet an actual need that people have.



that are stripped down to their purest form and purpose – as far as you can go without compromising function.



that are made to last and give pleasure – so we don’t feel the need to replace them.



that use form and colours to underscore functionality and add a spark of personality.



that reflect that the devil is indeed in every detail.

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